More South Floridians going live-work route

Cynergi in Wynwood

With a non-existent commute and reduced expenses, more tenants in South Florida are choosing to work where they live, the Miami Herald reported. The increase is being driven by a rental boom in South Florida, particularly Miami’s once-dormant downtown areas. “Literally within the last five years, it’s gone from being dead at night to where you now have 93 percent occupancy,” said Tadd Schwartz, a real estate marketer. “Now you’re seeing the migration back to the urban core. And if people are going to work there, why the hell not live there? Who wants to sit in the traffic?” David Dabby, a real estate analyst, said more South Floridians are choosing to live closer to work, but live-work units themselves, like those at Cynergi in Wynwood, have not caught on en masse. [Miami Herald]